Why We Love Hot Korean Girls

By Julian / July 7, 2017
happy gorgeous woman

I don’t think I know anybody who hasn’t been just blown away by drop dead gorgeous Asian women, and there are some Korean girls that are almost unspeakably hot. They all seem to be so slim and fit, with those gorgeous eyes and a whole lot of that exotic flair that you just don’t find […]

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5 Reasons to Marry a Cambodian Woman

By Julian / May 3, 2017

If you’re looking for the perfect Asian lover then chances are you’ll be very happy dating and even one day marrying a Cambodian woman. In comparison to a lot of other Asian women, such as Filipinas or Indonesian women, you’ll find Cambodian women to be a lot more confident, and focused on the important things […]

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Foreign Brides: How to Avoid Trouble

By Julian / December 6, 2016
man and woman wearing their wedding clothes

The idea of finding and one day marrying a foreign woman is a dream for many men, all across the world. Many men have, understandably, grown tired of the same old routine, games, and personality of the women in their own native country, and given today’s technology are attracted to the idea of meeting a […]

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5 Best Countries to Find Latin Women for Marriage

By Julian / December 4, 2015
man found love in the Dominican Republic

Finding your Latina love can be no simple-task! But below we’ve outlined some of the hottest places to seek the most practical Latin love, trustworthy women, and well-cultured, yet safest locations for foreigners to go seeking their future Latin wife. Medellin to Cartagena Columbia Columbian women are predominantly known for their incredible beauty as they […]

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The Truth About Hot Russian Brides

By Julian / January 30, 2015

The concept of having mail ordered brides from the countries like Russian or other eastern countries have become a kind of platitude, but it is a reality that there are many women who are very desperate in moving to many western countries like United Stated where they can do everything they want there – they […]

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How to Find Chinese Mail Order Brides

By Julian / January 29, 2015
Chinese girl in a black shirt

Get Free Listing Finding Chinese mail order brides can be a challenging as well as a pricey proposition unless you have knowledge about where to find them. You will get familiar with all necessary tips about finding a list of potential Chinese girls and ways to contact them to get good results by going through […]

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The New Mail-Order Bride Business

By Julian / August 21, 2014
international matchmakers

International Matchmakers Business Booming in the Recession While businesses are letting go of employees, or even closing their doors, the business of mail-order brides, now known as the international matchmaking industry, is booming. In the age where online dating has been tried by just about everyone, even if they won’t admit it, the idea of […]

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