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So You Want to Date an Asian Woman – Read This First

By Julian / July 9, 2017

There are literally tens of thousands of beautiful Asian women signed up on the various Asian dating sites, because across Asia many women really want to become mail order brides.  Every Asian dating site is an example of how the world is changing. Of course, poverty is part of the equation, but they also have […]


Why We Love Hot Korean Girls

By Julian / July 7, 2017

I don’t think I know anybody who hasn’t been just blown away by drop dead gorgeous Asian women, and there are some Korean girls that are almost unspeakably hot. They all seem to be so slim and fit, with those gorgeous eyes and a whole lot of that exotic flair that you just don’t find […]


5 Reasons to Marry a Cambodian Woman

By Julian / May 3, 2017

If you’re looking for the perfect Asian lover then chances are you’ll be very happy dating and even one day marrying a Cambodian woman. In comparison to a lot of other Asian women, such as Filipinas or Indonesian women, you’ll find Cambodian women to be a lot more confident, and focused on the important things […]


How to Find Chinese Mail Order Brides

By Julian / January 29, 2015

Get Free Listing Finding Chinese mail order brides can be a challenging as well as a pricey proposition unless you have knowledge about where to find them. You will get familiar with all necessary tips about finding a list of potential Chinese girls and ways to contact them to get good results by going through […]