The Modern Mail Order Bride System: Find The Perfect Woman For Marriage

A mail order bride is often the best choice for a man in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Western Europe to find a devoted marriage minded spouse.

When we take a moment to contemplate life, it usually takes the form of a conventional checklist. You get a job, you get a car, you get a career etc. For the majority of us, this is the life we chose because we didn’t know there were other options available. And eventually most of us usually begin thinking about getting married.

In the Western world, we are bombarded with beautiful images of family life in advertisements, movies, and television shows.

From Father Knows Best to The Walton’s Family and the Brady Bunch we all grew up with images of a strong caring father wisely leading a loving family unit.

Even if our own personal experience did not quite rise to what we saw on television most of us eventually have an urge to be the pater familias like George Clooney in the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?  And like Clooney’s character it is often a difficult goal to achieve in the modern world.

In their twenties many Western women are extraordinarily independent, strong, career focused women who don’t feel they need to settle down.   Then when they are in their thirties, particularly after thirty-five, they are often in a hurry to settle down and have kids with almost anyone.

This means that often Western women are loaded with angst and baggage and frustration about relationships.  The atheist, man hating model of human relationships has hurt a lot of young women.

You can’t correct that issue.  All you can do is to start searching for a woman for marriage who wants a traditional marriage.

There are millions of them out there.  You have just been looking in the wrong places.  You need to look overseas where the strong, wise, fair American father of the Andy Griffith Show and the Walton Family drives women wild.

Mail order brides really like the traditional 1950s or 1960s model of married life in the West – where wife is extremely important – but ultimately trusts the judgement of her husband.

The Modern Mail Order Bride Movement

Most American and European men have no idea, but millions of women around the world want to join mail order bride agencies.  On some of the best sites there are even waiting lists for women wanting to sign up.

To most men that seems unbelievable.  They hear the words “mail order bride” and they think of a million dumb jokes and a lot of feminist propaganda.

The reason the so many women around the world want to sign up for mail order bride agencies is that far too many men around the world are too close to a real life Al Bundy or worse.

Putting everything in terms of television shows makes it simple.

What sort of a woman would really want to be married to say, Jackie Gleason in the Honeymooners, where he is really punching his wife?   They don’t like it but in most of the world beating your wife is commonly accepted – at least to a point – so much so that Russia recently decriminalized most spousal abuse and sexual harassment.

The fact is that mail order brides have a long honorable history in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  The founding matrons of many of the most respected families in North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and other states in the American West were mail order brides.

And recent academic research has shown that the modern mail order bride system works well today.  Both mail order brides and the men who marry them generally end up happy with their situation according to the research.

Still, it sounds too good to be true.  You might ask yourself “what are the chances of me finding a wife in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, or Ukraine?” Probably pretty high compared to your home country if you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe and are over 50.

You see, many of the women overseas find Western men appealing; it may be your ocean blue eyes, your never-ending wisdom or even incredible ability to grow a beard.

Age is of no concern, its commonplace to marry an older man in these countries anyways; the only different is that you have much more to offer.

Women like an older man’s wisdom, stability, and kindness.  They know older men are less likely to cheat on them and they know older men usually make better fathers for their children.  This is why so many women join mail order bride sites in Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

The majority of expat communities in South-East Asia for example are made up of Western men who married a beautiful local. After establishing themselves, these guys became the pillar of the expat community, easily making friends and socializing while still obligated to their husband duties.

And your wife isn’t going to nag you if you are out having a few drinks with friends, she wants you to enjoy her country and retain a sense of freedom (though she will expect this too).

The Western world is a stressful world, there are too many unrealistic expectations that the average Joe can’t attain. Not everyone has a six-pack, owns a house or looks like Brad Pitt.

On the other side of the world, it’s a stress-free world, the very fact that you have flown over only resonates commitment or that you are making the decision to make a lucky girl’s life just that little bit better or a lot even.

The prospects of having kids seem impossible the older we get, the truth is that it’s really not, not with a woman overseas. If you treat your bride like a queen (which is way easier due to the lower cost of living) then she will treat you like a king. It’s that simple.

Aside from a hot wife, getting hitched also comes with a few other perks that you may not have even realized. A study published in the Guardian has suggested that men who marry younger women tend to live a little longer and a LOT happier.

The theory behind this is because someone younger than you has a higher standard of health and fitness to keep up with and more likely energetic too. But wait, there’s more.

According to a Mens Health article, married men benefit from an increased wage at work, higher change of a promotion, more sex than single men and also less chance of getting cancer.

Asian Mail Order Brides

Hot Asian Mail Order Brides

The continent of Asia is home to a ¼ of the world’s population so if there is a place you could guarantee to find a wife it’s probably here. With that in mind, remember also that Asia is huge so you may need to narrow down which kind of girl or even what country interests you most.

If you don’t know a great deal about Asia, don’t fret as we can give a little insight into which countries to help you find your honey bunny.

In some Asian countries, women feel a lot of pressure to get married at a young age and start a family but this isn’t always the case these days as Asian society’s progress and things that were worse perceived as taboo (such as being single in your 30s) are no longer relevant.

This doesn’t mean that traditional values are undermined but rather women have more of an openness towards other cultures and Western men too.

In countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, it’s not uncommon for a woman to marry a Westerner. If anything it’s often welcomed with open arms.

Western men are perceived as being independent, strong and knowledgeable so there’s a high probability that you can find a woman who makes you feel appreciated and important.

Usually when the time comes to get married, you must pay a dowry, a large sum of money given to the parents to show them that you are able to support their daughter.

Don’t worry, this isn’t only for Westerners and the parents give it back the money to aid you both in building a future.

The Philippines is even more beneficial to a single gentleman from the west, maybe partly due the country’s colonial past with America and Spain.

Filipinas are considered the most hospitable women in the world and you can anticipate a Filipina wife to attend to your every need.  They usually spoil their husbands and many men who date Filipinas simply can never go back to a career oriented American or European woman.

There’s no real language barrier with mail order brides in the Philippines; most Filipina speak English fluently as a second language so conversation and getting to know each other will happen at a much faster pace than with ladies from other countries.

In more economically developed countries such as Korea, Japan, Singapore and China, Asian women are fairly conservative in nature and it may take a lot of time to really get to know them.

The ladies will have some expectations of you though not to the grand scale of Western women; you should have a good job, lots of ambition and don’t party too hard.

It all sounds a bit off-putting but you are still in the game though you may be competing with other, younger expats too.

A common stereotype that’s discouraged many guys is that Single Asian women are shy and don’t talk much. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you go on a date to a karaoke bar or play a game of pool.

European Mail Order Brides

European mail order bride collage

If you are looking for someone closer culturally to the West then consider European women. If you happen to be American, take note that there are 6 countries in Eastern Europe where ladies don’t require a visa to come to the USA.

These countries are Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania:

Ladies that hail from Prague or the Czech Republic in general are classy, educated and speak fluent English. They could easily adapt to your home country however they are also a bit selective and more demanding than ladies from Asia or Latin America.

To the east of Czech Republic is Moravia, where women are friendlier and even travel 2 and a half hours to the capital to meet men.

Slovakian women are just as stunning as Czechs and since it’s a country that doesn’t receive many visitors, there is a wealth of Slovak ladies to meet who are sweet, kind and passionate by nature.

The capital Bratislava isn’t as developed as other European cities however Slovakian women dream of being whisked away to another country and falling in love.

There is a myth that younger Eastern European women – say under 25 – are just looking for sugar daddies or a fun fling.  That is not the case, but hot Eastern European mail order brides know they have choices and to win one you have to raise your game.

It is just as simple as that, but most of them would love to get married to the right man.  You simply have to be the right man.

When it comes to Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides, they put a lot of effort into maintaining their good looks and take pride in doing so. You wouldn’t see a lady walking around in a hoodie with a messy hair bun in public.

Confidence plays a vital role in bagging one of these beauts as well as having a sense of style.

In Asia, a girl is content with you wearing shorts, vest and flip flops but to a Russian or Ukrainian lady, it’s fashion suicide. So if you dress up before meeting, dress to impress. Think casual like a blazer and a good shirt, something you might wear to a club.

Don’t forget to accessorize with a watch and an alluring aftershave.

Beauty and youth is considered too valuable to give away in Eastern Europe and if you want to win over a lady’s heart, show her confidence, make her laugh and sweep her off her feet. The reward to a knight in shining armor is doting affection, admiration and  love.

The traditional values embedded in an east-European woman are passed on as advice from mother to daughter such as treating you right just as much as you do so for her. Messy women are also seen as less of a woman though men seem to get away with it.

The majority of Eastern-European women have grown up to see both parents work so education and career is important. Money is not an issue here, aim to highlight your success instead. Whenever you go on dates, it usually revolves around who is more generous.

Latin Mail Order Brides

Sexy Latin women for marriage

There’s no denying the natural beauty of Latin mail order brides, many of which have an ethnic mic of European, Caribbean and European genetics.

Latinas are generally full of life, passionate about life and live life to the fullest. They aren’t afraid to dance in the rain or sing in the shower.

Latin women tend to actively look for Western men or gringos to date, they love a guy who comes from a different cultural background and has a different emotional outlook on life than the men found in South America.

Latin America has had a significant issue with violence against women over the years so Western men are perceived as being real gentlemen, there is also the added fact that they know at least one person who’s immigrated to a Western country to a better life.

Thanks to many Hollywood chick flicks too, the general stereotype of Western men is romantic, kind, loving and great in bed.

Nothing impresses a Latin woman that a well-groomed, well-dressed gringo who knows how to dance however it’s not mandatory; it just makes make you stand out more.


In Argentina, women expect men to make the first move and will take a particular interest if you look and act like a man. This doesn’t mean you need to look like Arnold Swartzeneggar but at the very least be able to open a tough jar lid.  If the lady is over the age of 30, she is more inclined to want to date you.


Brazilian ladies have probably the best butts in the world and one issue to mention here is that some will only exclusively date Brazilian men.

Unlike other South American countries, Brazilian women are more likely to date and marry a Western guy who speaks to them in English from the beginning. The reason for this is partly due to that they have probably traveled before and so more open to the idea of  a Western husband.

Another important factor, Brazilian mail order brides are stunning and will expect their future gringo to make the same amount of effort or more in their appearance.


Over 90% of Columbians speak Spanish so it’s worth learning if you plan on dating women from there. Learning a new language is daunting but the benefits are worth it. Colombian women are outgoing and friendly and won’t hesitate to talk to you first.

Similar to Brazilians, the prefer men who dress well but also wear a decent cologne.

Costa Rica

The ladies of Costa Rica are commonly athletic combined with good looks and have no issue with an age gap, their biggest concern is how a man treats them instead. There are so many single women than men in the country so you can expect to find a suitable sexy stunner in no time.


In Mexico, the ladies here expect to date a guy who’s their equal or more; they wouldn’t be interested in a man who is broke all the time even if he is a gentleman.

It’s imperative that you don’t attempt to rush a girl into having sex; she will have no issue refusing you and never speak to you again. Aside from that, treat the women here like a goddess and it won’t take long until they are smitten by your charm.

African Mail Order Brides

Beautiful African brides collage

In recent years, the prospects of dating ladies from Africa have become more and more common. In rural areas, traditional marriage customs are the norm but African women are becoming aware of how other women in the world live and so their expectations towards marriage have broadened.

The number of sites representing African mail order brides is small, but growing.

For non-Africans looking to marry Africans, the best way to go is through the internet. Obviously care must be taken with the necessary checks, like anywhere else, but the options are plentiful. Mail order brides from Africa are akin to how it was in Russia in the early 90s.

With little competition from other Westerners, you can expect to find some of the most beautiful women available.

Remember however that there is still a huge economic gulf between the West and Africa, something like a cheap phone or watch seems like a fortune to a young girl in some parts of the continent so always try to remain humble.


Nigerian women are highly educated (the country has the most entrepreneurs in the world)and rebel against what was once the standard norm for marriage such as village elders demanding a bride-price.

This outdated system is considered to make women feel as though they are mere commodities. As society has progressed to catch up with the rest of the world, equality between men and women is what Nigerian ladies continuously strive for.

The freedom to date whomever in Nigeria’s large cities such as Lagos and Ibadan has existed for a few decades, partly due to a vibrant club scene and exposure to an international community.

There is no fear of disapproval from parents though extended families have close ties so if you do happen to get hitched, you will at some point be introduced to the family.

Online dating is exceptionally prevalent in Nigeria than anywhere else in the entire continent too so finding a beautiful babe is a lot easier than you might anticipate.

Ivory Coast

The status of women from Ivory Coast has gradually improved in recent years with legislation allowing for divorce, women allowed more control over their property and even couples able to get married without parental consent.

While there is a lot of progress, women are shy in nature and might take a while to gravitate to your Western charm.


Ghana’s dating scene is no different to Nigeria with around 50 percent of young women living in big cities. Traditionally, families have full control over courtships and marriage but this is becoming less and less.


Kenyans are particularly liberal with women having a reputation for being highly social and enjoying a good party or two.  It’s easy to place a personal dating ad in a local newspaper and only costs a dollar or less. There are of course a few formalities in place such as bringing flowers and paying for expenses, or in other words, remember to be a gentleman at all times.

Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya

Ladies that hail from East African countries such as Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya are considered your best bet when it comes to finding a suitable African wife.

These countries are not only politically stable but there are also a number of easy air travel choices, good hotels and very little crime problems.

Ensure that you are upfront about what you expect from the relationship, who you truly are and give as much information about your country to help them in making a decision.

Muslim Mail Order Brides

Beautiful single Muslim women

Muslim men are not restricted into whom they can marry however for the ladies, it’s a different ball game. If you happen to go to a Muslim marriage event in your home country, you will discover that for every one man there are five women.

Most of the Muslim women at the event are usually in their 30s or 40s, possibly either widows or has been so career-orientated that they never found the right time to settle down.

Muslim mail order brides these days tend to not marry men from their country of origin as they have different mindsets and have great difficulty finding a job, leaving the ladies stuck being the breadwinners.

They would much prefer a man who is economically and intellectually equal or superior to them. There’s also the added fact that Muslim women tend to far outperform the men academically so they have a smaller pool to choose from.

While Muslim men can marry whomever they choose, it’s only permissible in the Asian community for women if the man converts to Islam.

Older, unmarried women feel a tremendous amount of pressure to get hitched and are often perceived as fussy when really they have higher expectations than Muslim men.

Choosing which predominately Muslim country to find a bride is tough since it’s the world’s second biggest religion and therefore a lot of countries to choose from.

Turkish mail order brides are known for having a slender figure, glowing olive skin and shiny black hair. They are able to juggle the traditional values of marriage while also taking a pro-active approach towards education and a vibrant social life.

A Turkish woman takes pride in helping her family, close friends and relatives; the only thing missing is a great husband.

Moroccan women hold similar characteristics to Turkish women except they dress more conservatively and are much more feminine in nature. A successful marriage is the number one priority so they will try their best to appease their lucky future husband.

Emirati mail order brides are known as career-driven, assertive and sophisticated.  They are not marrying a foreign man for economic reasons, but because they like the traditional Western model of an ideal marriage where the wife runs the house and the husband provides income and protection.

While they have a level of independence and freedom that a long time ago didn’t exist, they still value going to great lengths to look incredible for their husband.

For a Westerner, it’s important to understand that an Emirati woman will have a deep bond with her relatives and you will most likely be spending a lot of time with them.

The traditional role of a loving and caring wife is common throughout Iran. Iranian women are faithful, intelligent and modest in nature.

Culturally, one of the biggest taboos is lying so marrying an Iranian is perfect for a guy who wants’ an honest wife. Iran is a patriarchal society so Iranian women expect to meet a man who can provide for them, take care of them and respect them.

If you can meet these crucial requirements then you will hit the jackpot.

Pakistani women are also accustomed to living in a patriarchal society though are not used to men spoiling them. A simple gesture or gift will easily impress a Pakistani woman.

Ladies are typically fashionable, feminine and wear a lot of accessories. They see marriage as one of the most important pillars in life and will do everything and anything to make it perfect.


Marriage isn’t always an easy decision but as time passes by, the options available dwindle and you are left wondering if it’s too late. But there are always options and in a world of 7 billion people (half of which is women), there is literally plenty more fish in the sea.

So to summarize the different types of women out there:

  • Asian mail order brides love the idea of marrying a Western man and they don’t worry about your imperfections or even if you drink a beer for breakfast.
  • European mail order brides want a man who can not only provide for them but who appreciates the little efforts they undergo to ensure you are always content.
  • Latin mail order brides are full of energy and life, a man who can always put a smile on their face (and at least try to dance) will always win over their hearts.
  • African mail order brides want a man who is dominant and upfront yet see them as their equal and can help them adapt to the west.
  • Muslim mail order brides want to be seen and treated as women not a commodity or lesser than a man. They may expect or hope that their future husband is religious but this isn’t always mandatory.