The Allure of Asian Mail Order Brides

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A Foreign Affair has been a leader in Asian dating for over twenty years. We know the region. We have associates in the PhilippinesVietnamChina, and Thailand to help you over come the challenges of finding an incredible Asian bride.

More than any other culture, Asian brides are commonly regarded as the perfect choice for transnational romance and marriage. Yes, they are beautiful, but there are so many reasons beyond beauty why Asian mail order brides are so popular. This article will review the reasons why Asian brides are so attractive and explain more of the services A Foreign Affair offers.

The women of Asia are feminine, romantic and family-focused. Whether looking for Asian girls in Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, or another Asian nation, Western men have strong chances of finding their match. In general, ladies across Asia view Western men as physically attractive as well as finding Western values desirable. The idea of marrying a Western man is often seen by Asian ladies as an opportunity to marry above their social standing and a chance at creating a better life for themselves.

Numerous men have discovered that the special kind of love, attention and devotion they experience with an Asian woman is truly life-changing. It is beauty personified.

There are many cases where hard-bitten, tough military veterans have found peace and solace in marrying an Asian woman. There was a noticeable spike in marriages between American men and women from across the Pacific following American World War II.

This trend continued because of the large numbers of American servicemen who served in during the Korean War and later in Vietnam War. These veterans actually sparked the creation of the first modern mail order dating sites in the 1960s, because a lot them ended up looking for brides overseas.

Today Asia is the leading location for requests for American fiancée visa applications. Today the majority of mail order brides moving to the United States, come from the Philippines, China, and Vietnam.

Finding Love Online

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There are millions upon millions of Asian women that would make perfect wives. itself, makes up around 30% of the planet’s total land mass, with over half the world’s population, so statistically it is a great place to look for mail order brides.

There are endless numbers of Asians searching for true love on dating sites. And many of them are searching for true love with a Western man in particular.

Asian ladies appeal to many Western men because their values are a little different from many common Western values. In the Asian culture, great importance is placed on girls to respect their partner, take great care with their beauty, and are devoted to family. They put their relationship with their husband and their children as the top priority.

With the attributes of an Asian bride including beauty, femininity and devotion, the idea of marrying an Asian girl is an appealing prospect to many Western men. And it doesn’t have to just be a dream – once you take the step and put yourself out there, you will find that it is generally easy to meet women across the region.

Although millions of Asian ladies are seeking romance with a Western man, it’s not just any man that they will choose. It’s important that you are respectful towards their cultural ways. We’ve compiled a lot of this information below, for you to get a grasp on how Asian women think and feel with regards to dating and marriage.

Arranged Marriages With an Asian Bride

It was only less than a century ago that almost every Asian girl would be married by way of an arranged marriage. The concept of an Asian woman seeking out her own love match was virtually unheard of. If this had continued to today, there would be little opportunities to seek an Asian bride.

However major political and cultural changes happened throughout Asia after World War II. The anti-colonial movements in Asia pushed out the foreign powers, including the British, French, Dutch and Americans, but in addition to that, it brought about change in many cultural traditions that were developed to restrain the freedom and rights of Asian women. One of the traditions that was changed was to begin to allow young women to date and marry whoever they wanted.

This cultural change was strengthened in the 1950s and 1960s, as word of Western feminism reached the Asian shores. Asian women did not accept the full view of Western Feminism (preferring to still stick to their values of femininity and devotion), however it did inspire women across Asia to demand more rights, and end the common practices of foot-binding and not educating girls.

Asian Internet Brides

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The phenomena of internet Asian Brides has only been made possible by advances in technology over the last 50 odd years.

For centuries, Asia has been largely isolated from the West available to the people. the distance was too great for Western men and if they did manage to travel to Asia, it would have been difficult to connect with an Asian women because cultural points of reference would be too great.

But several advances changed that. One of them was radio and TV, which introduced Asian women to Western life. Hollywood movies showed Asian ladies a whole new world and set their minds racing with the idea of Western-styled romance.

The introduction of long-haul flights and the subsequent lowering of ticket fares made it more and more viable for Western men to visit Asia to seek a mail order Asian bride.

Today it is easier than ever to jump in to the international dating scene. With the internet, cell phones and dating apps, there are millions of Asian women seeking husbands online.

Asia is huge with gigantic differences in financial wealth and education. If she is from the city she will be tech-savvy and influenced by Western culture. She will be well-educated and there will be many things you may have in common. If she is from the countryside, she will more likely have more traditional values, have lived a quieter life and may not know a lot about Western culture. Knowing this, you will understand how to approach her and treat her.

With so many options out there, the chances are extremely high for finding you true match. But always remember that women seeking husbands, expect to be treated with care and respect. This is a very important part of their culture. So one should always be a true gentleman in every respect. If you do this then you will win her heart.

Why Are So Many Single Asian Women Seeking Western Men?

Just as Western men have many great reasons for seeking Asian mail order brides, so in turn are there many reasons for Asian ladies seeking husbands from the West. Sometimes there is concern of whether Asian women seeking Western husbands is a scam or has dishonest intentions. But the truth is that in 99% of the cases this is simply not true. Just review some of the most popular reasons why these ladies are flocking to find a Western partner:

The Reputation of the Western Man

Western men have an alluring reputation to Asian ladies. In contract to the stereotype of the local Asian man, Western men are more respectful, communicative, caring and romantic. The Western concepts around a relationship are very much around a shared life between two people. The Western man respects his wife, treats her well and wants her to be happy.

Many Asian ladies have heard about Western men through family and friends. In many cases they will know other Asian brides who have met a wonderful Western guy, and perhaps are married and living “the dream” in a foreign country.

Asian girls have also grown up watching Hollywood movies and tv shows. Thank your lucky stars for Hollywood – it’s the greatest advertising for the Western Man.

Asian women can’t believe their eyes when they watch movies like Dirty Dancing or The Notebook. They are mesmerized at the possibility that they could be treated with such passion and love and care. It’s a very desirable package and it’s why so many Asian women are online, actively seeking their own Ryan Reynolds or Patrick Swayze.

The Dream of Romance

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Just like every girl in the entire world, Asian brides dream of romance – the true, wild, exciting kind. Asian men are not known for being too interested in romance. Often there will be little romance even at courtship stage, and even if there is, this usually disappears very quickly once married.

In general, Western men seeking an Asian bride are also dreaming of a life of true and fulfilling romance.

Although not as common as before, there are still arranged marriages in Asia, and girls are increasingly terrified of the thought. Imagine having watched The Notebook and then considering the prospect of marrying a stranger that your father selected for you!

A Better Life Opportunity

Poverty is the order of the day across much of Asia. Although there has been an economic boom, wealth distribution remains very unequal and many families, no matter how hard-working they are, remain in poverty, living in poor conditions and having little opportunities to climb the economic and social ladder. For many Asian women living in poverty, they do not have a phone or computer and therefore have no access to online dating.

The majority of the Asian brides you will meet online, whether from China, Thailand, Vietnam or any other Asian countries, will most likely be from middle-class families or at least relatively so.

Societal Pressures

There is heavy pressure within Asian communities for Asian girls to be married as early as possible. There is a far higher stigma around this than in Western societies. An Asian girl who has not married by 21 is already considered “on the shelf” and if she is still single by 25, this is deeply frowned upon – she is considered a “hopeless case”.

There are many reasons for Asian ladies to not want to get married too quickly. They want to find the right man, not just any man. Also if they have pursued a professional career, this may have distracted them from dating during their early 20s. In Asia these women are derogatorily called “Sheng Nu” which literally means “leftover woman”. Western men do not have these stigmas about an unmarried woman in their early 20s.

The Difference Between Asian and Western Girls

Some might think that at the end of the day, all women are the same. But this is not the case when dating internationally. Women from different countries are raised with different values and although they may grow to adopt Western values, they will always have been molded from a young age by their own culture and societal expectations.

One of the notable differences between Asian girls and Western girls is that Asians are less likely to offer their opinion. This may sound like a dream situation when thinking about the famous stereotype of the “nagging wife” but one should consider the implications of this typical manner. It means that as the man of the house, all of the important decision-making will be left up to you. Some may like this, while others may find it too much of a responsibility. 

The Difference Between Asian and Western Dating

Asian women place great value on devoted relationships and finding the “true one” – her soul mate. Unlike many Western girls, Asian girls do not wish to have many different relationships in their life. They do not like the Western-style “dating game” of multiple partners and switching easily between relationships.

For an Asian woman it is important to find a good man to whom she can devote her energy. Having many different partners is looked down on by Asian society. There is a lot of pressure in Asian culture for Asian women to be “pure.”

So, if an Asian girl is dating you, then you can be sure that she is serious about you.

Asian Women and Dating

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International dating means that one needs to consider the different cultural norms and expectations with the women that you interact with. Dating Asian girls has some differences to dating in Western culture.

Western Culture, it is commonplace for single men to casually date multiple women at the same time and there is a commonly accepted concept of one being either being “exclusive” or “non-exclusive”. However, single Asian women expect that if you have seen them for two or three dates, that you are what Western culture calls “exclusive”.

In Asian culture, there is a lot of focus on serious monogamous relationships. Single Asian women desire to be in a loving and exclusive relationship and they do not wish to “play the field” and date many men. In fact, a woman that dates many men is seen in a negative light by her community, but a mail order bride who marries a foreign man is often viewed as a success.

That being said, there are different cultures in different parts of Asia, and if you are seeking Asian mail order brides in the bigger, more modern and cosmopolitan cities, it is possible that you will come across a dating culture more similar to what you are used to. But do not take this for granted.

Research about the area you are looking for Asian girls and also do not be shy to communicate openly with her and find out how she feels about the subject. Never be non-pushy and respectful about the subject because cultural norms run deep for any Asian girl.

In Asia, women that have only ever been with one man are seen as “pure” – an ideal that she will strive towards. So once you are in a relationship, it should be an easy journey and you can be confident in her devotion to you. This is why so many Western men, who look for Asian brides are successful.

When dating Asian girls, remember that because after just a few dates she will see your relationship as serious and monogamous, it is often best to begin your courtship as friends and take it from there. This is doubly true for a woman signed up as a mail order bride.

First take time to get to know her and then if you feel that your relationship could turn into something romantic and potentially even a match for marriage, you can feel comfortable to take it to the next level.

One of the biggest subject for dating anywhere in the world is that of communication. Communication is important with all dating but especially when seeking a wife in Asian dating. In Western culture, men are often anxious to raise the subject of marriage.

Even a brief mention of a possible intention to one day marry in the future. Sometimes this can cause anxiety with a Western girl, who might feel that she is under pressure. But this is completely different in Asian society.

Asian girls take their relationships seriously and if you are dating, even for a short time, she will be aware that there may be a possibility of marriage on day in the future. In fact, she will only agree to date you and give your relationship her devotion is she can see a future life with you.

Do not feel shy or hesitate to discuss your feelings about marriage, even if it is very early on in the relationship. You don’t need to promise anything and you don’t need to feel any time pressure at all. But when dating an Asian girl, it is an easy thing to be able to say “I hope we can get married one day” and discuss plans and feelings for a potential future.

Asian brides will not be surprised or want to run away if you make these intentions known, they will feel more happy, secure and loved and it will prompt them to put even more attention to your relationship and be happily devoted. Likewise, it is OK to let your feelings be known to her friends and family.

After dating for sometimes, many may ask directly if you want to get married one day. In Asian culture this is not as “nosy” as it may seem in Western society. Remember that in Asia, marriage is seen as a wonderful and natural thing and when people around you ask about your intentions, it is usually out of love and respect.

If you are looking to marrying an Asian woman, you may be wondering what kind of pressure there is to get married in terms of time. As long as you are in a committed relationship, you can wait a year or two, or even five. But also, because an Asian girlfriend will only be with you if she sees you as a potential for a life partner and husband.

You can also propose quickly after even just a few weeks of dating, because a mail order bride is more serious than most women on dating sites. That makes meeting a woman on A Foreign Affair a more pleasant experience for a lot of men than they expect.

Asian Mail Order Bride? Things to Consider

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International dating is not something to just jump into. Asian mail order brides will come with their own unique set of values, mannerisms and cultures. While you will already be familiar with Western women’s ways, Asian Brides are in many respects, quite different.

Many of these differences may be wonderful, and just the very reason why you are seeking Asian women for marriage. But make sure that you consider all of the differences. Some may also prove to be challenging for you, or at least prove to be something that you need to navigate or be respectful of.

It’s a great idea to read expat blogs from the country where you are searching for Asian brides. Expats are usually the ones to give the most honest and candid advice, and in particular, if the expat is from your country, the advice you will get will be tailor-made to your localized culture.

If you plan to marry an Asian mail order bride and move to her country, it is strongly advised to first spend a decent amount of time in that country before committing to a life of marriage there. Sometimes things can appear very different between the experience of a vacation and actual day-to-day life of a citizen.

Planning on bringing you new wife to home to your country, spend time researching the logistics of visa requirements etc as these vary greatly between countries, and although often not complicated, there may be cases where relocating your Asian bride may prove challenging.

Although not always the case, and it varies from country to country or personal circumstances, it is no uncommon for there to be an expectation that you support your wife’s family financially with monthly payments. Find out about what is expected before committing yourself to a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. This can be an unrealistic burden for some and can lead to heartache further down the line. 


Now that we have taken you through some of the many things to consider when seeking a wife, we have hopefully given you some useful points to think about. Above all, for many Western men, Asian brides really are something of a dream come true. Asian women are beautiful, feminine, respectful and devoted and Asian brides can make truly wonderful partners for life.

If you do your research and behave like a gentleman, you have very high chances of meeting the love of your life and finding an Asian bride that will stay by your side forever.