The Enchantment of European Mail Order Brides

Europe is home to some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. It’s famous for it. When one things of Europe, the first things that usually come to mind are exotic, multi-cultural, sophisticated and exceptionally beautiful Eastern European women, with strong genes, white smiles and sultry ways.

The allure of European girls is evident in the sheer number of European mail order bride love matches. European mail order brides are the dream of many men looking for a foreign woman and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, in the United States, the term mail order bride is synonymous with European women, and most international dating sites focus on Europe.

Currently, we offer numerous romance tours to Ukraine throughout the year. We also offer services in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Uzbekistan.

The Dream of a New Life

By far, most of the European women we highlight represent are from Eastern Europe. Countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are teeming with local girls that are both beautiful and actively looking to meet a Western man, with the hope of moving to a Western country.

In testimony before the United States Senate, Professor Donna Hughes said that two thirds of the women she interviewed in Southern Ukraine wanted to live abroad and this rose to 97% in the resort city of Yalta.

There are many reasons why Eastern European brides dream of leaving their country for a better life.

Life Under After the USSR

The fall of the Soviet Union was hard on everyone in Eastern Europe. The economy and society collapsed.

It has improved, but economic and social conditions for are still a big factor for mail order brides. Eastern European women are often extremely intelligent and hardworking – education is a big priority in many Eastern European communities.

Over fifty percent of Russia’s workforce is women, however they do not earn the same respect, and the same salaries as male workers – in fact the statistics show that they earn of average 43% of what their male coworkers earn. So a motivating factor for wanting a life in a Western country is that they have better opportunities for their career.

That’s not to say that all Eastern European women want to pursue a high-level career. Although many are well-educated and well-able to have lucrative careers, many are happy to choose devotion and focus on family and their husband, over a career.

Why Do Mail Order Brides Sign Up With Dating Sites?

couple dating drinking coffee

Eastern European women are often frustrated with local men. There is an epidemic of spousal abuse across the region. Of course this isn’t always the case, but it’s a well-known stereotype – Eastern European men are often hard and rough in their ways when it comes to women and relationships. So the caring and loving nature of a Western man is a dream for many Eastern European women.

The institution of marriage is taken very seriously in Eastern European culture. In Russia, 30 is the age at which a woman is considered to be “on the shelf” or an “old maid”. The pressure to get married young is made very difficult by the fact that there are approximately 4 million more women than men.

On top of that a large portion of successful Russian males emigrate out of Russia every year. So the chances of a single Eastern European woman finding love in her home country is limited.

The Sexy Women of Eastern Europe

Now that we have looked at why Eastern European women are seeking Western men, let’s take a look at why so many men are seeking Eastern European mail order brides!  Statistics show that one of the reasons that European brides are so popular, is that the majority of men seeking a European bride are of European ancestry and are looking for a family oriented bride with the same background.

We’ve already mentioned their astounding physical beauty that’s unrivaled anywhere in the world. Here are some other notable things about Eastern European (Slavic) women:

Gorgeously Feminine

Western men simply go crazy for Eastern European woman. Perhaps the biggest reason is just how beautifully poised they are. Slavic brides know how to behave like a true English lady with an alluring European twist. This is no population of tom boys.

A Slavic woman is proud of being a woman and she celebrates her femininity. She takes great care with every small detail in the pursuit of being the “prefect” woman. From the way she speaks to the way she dresses, sits, eats and texts – everything about her is simply beguiling to any man.

Stunning Personalities

Slavic brides are well-known for their utterly charming personalities. They know how to carry themselves in different situations, they have an undeniable class and their personalities are nothing short of spell-binding. Everything about them – from the way they talk to the way they walk and eat and smile – you’ll always be super proud to have a Slavic mail order bride on your arm.

Total Honesty

Eastern Europe culture places a great deal of focus on honesty. Slavic brides never play “mind games” – something that is common and can be frustrating with Western girls. An Eastern European mail order bride will always be honest with you. But their honesty will always be related in a friendly and kind tone.

Easy to Be With

Slavic brides are low-maintenance. They do indeed enjoy the high-life when it is available to them, but Eastern European mail order brides know how to enjoy life and do not need to be fawned over constantly. If you’re not feeling in the mood to hang out?

That’s usually OK with an Slavic bride. Often Eastern European mail order brides are independent. If they were not they would have never signed up to meet foreign men on dating sites.

Types of Slavic Beauties

There are several types of Slavic beauties you will encounter. These are the women that have made so many mail order bride sites famous.

Sexy Blondes

sexy blonde Slavic girl

Perhaps most common is the sexy Slavic blonde. She has piercing blue eyes, chiseled, high and strong cheekbones, full red lips and a body to die for. When men think of a Russian mail order bride, this is usually the first fantasy that comes to mind. But…it doesn’t need to just be a fantasy!

These sexy Slavic blondes are simply everywhere – you will have the pick of the crop. The sheer volume of choice will be your biggest challenge. Each girl you see will leave you wondering why they have been overlooked by modelling agents and movie producers!

Smouldering Brunettes

European brunettes are 100% hot, no doubt about it. With their luxuriously thick hair, pale milky skin, grey or blue eyes and calm manner, they are real head-turners and they cause many men to simply stop and stare. The mail order brides will blow you away!

Dazzling Redheads

It may be a shock to many, but Eastern Europe, and particularly Ukraine, is home to many gorgeous redheads. A little-known fact is that Ukraine was actually the original homeland of the Celts.

The redhead genes continue to this day and you’ll be weak in the knees when you come across a mesmerizing Ukrainian redhead.

Eastern European Culture

Eastern Europe culture is a strange mix of old, modern, and unusual. In some regards the villages, which still contain a large portion of the population in some countries, feel like they are stuck in the time of the czar and kaiser.

In the cities it is easy to imagine the Soviet Union never fell, but with strikingly modern areas that feel like they are straight out of Silicon Valley.

The women tend to be far better educated than other mail order brides. Yes, there is a language barrier, but the women really are family oriented. That is why most of them signed up with a dating site in the first place.

Yes, they are interested in dating, but mostly only as a path way to marriage.

An Eastern European Look?

The women are gorgeous, but they do not have a stereotypical look. Yes, there are lots of tall blonds, but many Eastern European women are from Asian decent. Some are descendants of a variety of groups that have lived in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, and other Eastern European countries for thousands of years. You will also find Turkish, Armenian, and Georgian communities, as well as girls of gypsy, Jewish, and Arab descent.

During the Soviet period, a significant number of Chinese, Uzbek, Kazak, Koreans, and even Eskimos moved to Eastern Europe and still remain today. There are even sprinklings of African, South Asians, and Latinas, mostly the descendants of college students the Soviets brought to the region.

Russian Mail Order Brides – the Original!

The term “Russian Mail Order Bride” has been synonymous with international dating since the beginning of online dating in the early 1990s, but through much of the early 2000s Russian women were abandoning the international dating sites as the Russian economy flourished. But, lucky for you, it seems as there is a resurgence of Russian mail order brides taking place currently.

To many Russian brides, a dating site is a magical portal where she can escape the oppressive culture of Russia to go to a foreign country with fresh opportunities, is an exciting prospect. In addition, the idea of a Western man is very appealing to Russian women, who consider them to be more kind, caring and romantic than the local men of their country.

St. Petersburg – the Venice of the North

St. Petersburg, Russia

The most popular destination for men vising Russia in search of mail order brides is St. Petersburg. It is closer to Europe than Moscow and it is a city brimming with history, culture, and romance.

In a nationwide survey, marriages between Russian mail order brides and North American men had a significantly lower divorce rate than the national average.

Life in Russia can be tough for many girls but many have tasted some freedom and seen the wonders that life in foreign country’s can offer. So if you can offer a woman some opportunities that might be hard for her to come by on her own, she may just be a bit more receptive. However, money alone won’t seal the deal – Russian Woman expect their partner to be caring and intelligent.

So if you’re looking for a dream Eastern European bride, Russia is the famous place to look and there is a reason for it…or, shall we say, many reasons!

Dating in Ukraine

The sexy girls of Ukraine are famous all over the world for their unique beauty. Typically, Ukrainian women have dark hair, green eyes and a fit body shape. Their beauty and character make them really stand out from the crowd. Today they are the most popular European brides.

Ukrainian people are characterized by friendliness, warm hospitality, openness and strong family values. The typical Ukrainian is sophisticated, well-educated, cultures and humble. But one word of advice – don’t call your Ukrainian beauty “Russian” by mistake. They are proud about their culture and with their complex history, they do not wish to be compared or mistaken for their Russian neighbor. 

Ukrainian women pay more attention to their appearance than most of their European counterparts. Ukrainian brides always have a full face of make-up, perfectly coiffed hair and elegant clothing.

Kiev – The Capital of Mail Order Brides

Ukrainian ladies absolutely love foreigners and you can certainly see that in Kiev. There are few options for girls to find suitable local men who would make a good husband and father. Every Ukrainian girl dreams of a beautiful life in a new country. They want romance, stability and a special future for themselves and their children. They want to be treated with the respect they deserve and they know that they can find this with a foreign man.

Ukrainian brides know just how to treat their man. They are truly devoted and believe in finding their soulmate, whom they can focus on making happy for the rest of his life. They will never consider cheating as they believe strongly in the sanctity of marriage and they want to be devoted to a good man forever.

Dating Gorgeous Czech Women

Since the early 1990s, when the country gained independence, Czech women have mesmerized foreigners with their truly unique and exotic beauty. Men from all over the world travel to the Czech Republic in search of a beautiful mail order Czech bride. The most common place to search is in Prague – its history-filled political and cultural center with some 1.3 million inhabitants.

It’s not a stretch to say that Czech women are amongst the most beautiful in the world. They have long slender bodies, stunning green eyes, striking faces that bare the influence of both Slavic and Western European genes, and beautiful complexions with their skin being slightly darker than that of Russian girls. The result of all these features make them eye-wateringly beautiful to look at. In one word – they are hot!

Prague – The Paris of Eastern Europe

Czech women are always stylishly dressed and are very aware of their fashion sense. They love to wear clothes that accentuate their beautiful slender figures, and no place is that more apparent than in Prague.

In comparison to their Russian counterparts, Czech women are often quite sexually liberal, as they are influenced by their close proximity to the west of Europe.

Czech women generally strike a great balance between Eastern European traditionalism and Western values, making them more relatable for a Western man, than many European brides.

Women from the Czech Republic are generally quite easy to talk to – this is in part because they often speak English better than girls from other Eastern European countries, and also in part because they are friendly, relaxed and down to earth.

Single Czech girls often earn decent salaries that allow them to at least survive on their own. So unlike most other Slavic girls, Czech girls will not always be looking for a financial saviour. They tend to look for more of a “normal” guy, as opposed to being lured in by flashiness. This is because Czech women prefer to have a life that is predictable and solid.

Sexy Swedish Mail Order Brides

When looking for European girls, of course Eastern Europe is only one part of Europe and there are many other places with astoundingly beautiful women. In Northern Europe, the country of Sweden is famous for having girls that are so beautiful, it’s hard to believe your eyes. Pretty much the entire population of Sweden is absolutely strikingly gorgeous. The sheer numbers of gorgeous women in Sweden are simply astounding!

Swedish brides are known for the intelligence along with their beauty. But let’s talk beauty first! Swedish women are usually blond and blue-eyed, although it’s not impossible to find a sexy Swedish brunette too! Their skin is fair, their hair is light and they are tall with slender bodies.

Stockholm – Blonde Heaven

Some characteristics of Swedish brides are that they are independent, easy-going, family-orientated, active, talkative…and of course gorgeous. No place, is that easier to see than in Stockholm.

Although Swedish women like to be talkative, they are very private with strangers but have their whole world to share with the partner or people that are close to them. You’ll never find your Swedish bride gossiping – it’s just not in their culture. So always keep in mind that on your first encounter with a sexy Swedish beauty, she may at first be reluctant to open up.

Don’t be frustrated, this is totally normal and not a reflection on how she feels about you. Swedish girls like to take their time to get to know someone before presenting their charms. But it’s well worth the wait, because once you get past the initial period of getting to know each other, and once you have shown her that you are a patient gentleman, you will be astounded at how she will rock your world!

One thing about Swedish women is that they love to be active. Generally, Swedish girls are not big fans of lazy leisure time. A beach holiday is not their idea of fun – Swedish girls like adventure and activity, so if this is your idea of fun, they will make brilliant companions.

Although Swedish women dream of marriage and especially with a foreign man, they are often cautious at first and need time to be convinced that their man is the right fit for a life of marriage. So when first chatting to a single Swedish girl, avoid mentioning the subject of marriage and take your time before you bring it up. Again, it’s not that she does not dream of marriage with you but Swedish girls are more conservative in this area than, say, Eastern European girls.

Another tip about Swedish girls – they do not like to show off. Swedish girls prefer to be humble and in turn prefer their partners to be humble. So when chatting and flirting, hold back on any boasting. This is quite different to dating in many other parts of Europe, but it can also be refreshing! Swedish girls expect you to be courteous, caring and interesting. They are not looking for displays of wealth or wanting to hear of big achievements – it’s really all about you as a person.


Eastern Europe still presents an incredible opportunity for gentlemen looking to find a marriage minded lady.