Stunning and Sexy Filipina Mail Order Brides

stunning Filipina women

In recent years, many Western men seeking a mail order bride have discovered the Philippines as one of the best places in the world to find a bride. This is because Filipina girls are simply gorgeous. It’s in their genes and much of the population of women are incredibly sexy and have a natural beauty and effortless charm. The smile of a Filipina girl can light up a room and your heart and they sure do smile a lot!

Filipina girls are constantly happy, cheerful and optimistic. Marry a Filipina mail order bride and you’ll be assured a life of smiles, laughing and happiness. A Filipina Mail Order bride will brighten your life and make you desperate to get home from work so you can be treated like a king by her. Treating a man like a king is very much the Filipina way and Filipina girls love to always make their man feel special – and they sure know just how to do it!

Filipina girls are well-educated and smart. They may not always have college degrees but their street-smarts and their general knowledge more than makes up for that. Filipina women are up for just about any conversation and will surprise you with their broad knowledge and opinions on just about every subject under the sun.

Filipina girls are very doting on their man and place a lot of emphasis on the importance of a relationship and making sure their partner is happy at all times. A happy husband makes for a happy Filipina!

As mothers, Filipina girls are truly exceptional. They are loving, doting, caring and involved in their children’s lives. They teach strong values to their children and are always present to guide them and make a happy home.

gorgeous Filipina at the beach

The Characteristics of Gorgeous Filipina Women

Filipina women really do have it all! Their many amazing personality traits make them an ideal match for a mail order bride and are just perfect for many Western Men. Here are some of their notable traits:

Always Happy!

Filipina brides are constantly happy! You’ll sometimes wonder just how they do it! How do they always manage to have a smile and a twinkle in their eye, even when things are tough?

Being sunny and positive is a big part of the culture in the Philippines. Its people are warm and welcoming and friendly, and they just love life. Even though life can be difficult in the Philippines for many, their secret weapon to living a good life is to always look on the bright side of things.

There will be those days where everything goes wrong. You get a flat tire, your boss is in a bad mood, the traffic is bad and you’re just plain stressed. But you will always know that the second you arrive home, you’ll have your biggest fan waiting for you.

She’ll always now just how to relieve your stress and within no time you will have forgotten all of your troubles and be smiling and laughing…and perhaps romancing a little 😉

Good Manners

Filipina girls are always very well mannered. In any situation it’s super important to them that they behave in a manner that will make you proud and make you look good to have her on your arm.

This is how they are brought up by their families and it’s also how they will teach their children to behave. That being said, once they are close to you they may get a little crazy – but in a wonderful fun way that you’ll just love!

They Are Always Generous

One very notable quality about Filipina girls is that they are always very generous. Generosity is an important quality to have for a Filipina woman and she will always strive to give as much as she can and make those around her happy.

Filipina brides are more than happy to sacrifice their own comfort to make sure that her husband, children and friends are content. Filipina girls love to shop, you’ll always see them buying all sorts of things from shampoo to soap to clothes. But most of the time it not for them!

They love to buy presents for people in the hope of brightening up someone’s day. Whether it’s for her husband, friends, family, even neighbours, to her, everyone is worthy of her generosity!

They Are Smart

Even though life can be difficult in the Philippines and many Filipina girls are not financially able to get a college degree, that certainly doesn’t stop them from being extremely smart and intelligent. You’ll realize this straight away when you have a conversation on your first date.

Filipina girls are street smart and they always impress people around them with just how much they know about everything. So, on a first date, don’t be shy to bring up just about any topic. She’ll be sure to have something to teach you about it and an opinion to share!

Education is seen as a very important thing in the Filipino community. So, while a college degree may not be possible for many, Filipina women are very resourceful in how the learn and teach themselves about many subjects. They are excellent at researching and educating themselves on their own and sometimes that skill is even better than a college certificate!

You will never be bored talking to your Filipina bride. She will always have something new to share and she will take it upon herself to learn about the things that interest you the most so that she can be a good companion.

They Look After You in Every Way

They say that marrying a Filipina mail order bride is like having a girlfriend and a mother in one! Filipina girls love romance, and they will keep the fires burning for the rest of your life. But they also have strong “motherly” instincts and with a happy heart, they will take care of all the little things in your life.

It’s common for a Filipina bride to wake up before her partner so she can prepare him his favourite breakfast, prepare his clothes and make a lunch for work. By the time you wake up, she will be looking her best and will make you proud to have her as a wife, even on a Monday morning!

Filipina mail order brides want their husbands to be happy at all times. You’ll likely get many sweet messages throughout the day to say that she loves you and to find out how your day is going.

She Has a Wonderful Family

In the same way that she is always happy and smiling, her family will also be wonderful and warm towards you. If things develop between the two of you, her family will likely know a great deal about you because Filipina girls are very close to their families. They are proud of their families and they want their families approval.

If you are invited to meet her family you’ll be in for a treat! You may be quite overwhelmed by all the food they will have cooked especially for you. From Sinigang to Lechon, Bagoong to Adobo, you’ll instantly fall in love with the traditional food of the Philippines. Which brings us to another point…

She Cooks Like a Professional Chef

Filipina girls take great pride in their cooking skills and are always delighted to cook for their husband and their family. The best part is that the traditional food of the Philippines is simply delicious, healthy and full of exotic flavours.

Your home will smell incredible when you come home at the end of a long day and you will look forward to the many meals she will cook every week. Friends will drop hints to try and get invited for your Filipina Mail Order Bride’s legendary meals!

Her Love Is Not Expensive

Filipina girls love simple gestures and are not hard or expensive to please. They don’t demand luxury gifts, fancy jewellery and expensive bags. Pick her a flower and she will be over the moon with happiness. Cook her a simple breakfast and she will be glowing all day.

Filipina girls are humble and do not expect their husbands to go overboard with spending on lavish gifts. From having been brought up in a culture of material simplicity, they have learnt to appreciate gestures. It’s all about showing her that you are thinking about her and want to show your love. 

They Are Fiercely Loyal

Filipina Mail Order brides are exceptionally loyal to their husband. When a Filipina woman commits to a relationship, she gives her full heart and does everything she can to make her relationship a happy one.

This means that they expect the same commitment from you to and with this recipe you are assured to have a happy life, confident in your partners love for you. In short – you are her world!

the beauty of Filipina girls

What Filipina Brides Look for in a Man

As bubbly and friendly as Filipina girls are, they can have high standards when it comes to choosing a partner. Here are some of the qualities that a typical single Filipina woman will look for in a man:

Affectionate and Caring

Filipina girls are exceptionally affectionate, caring and sweet and they expect their man to be the same. They want a man that is not afraid to be in touch with his emotions and his sensitive side.

A man that is comfortable to be vulnerable and not have the put up a macho act. They want to be with a man that is generous with his love and affection, both emotionally and physically.


Filipina girls love a man who shows that he is thoughtful. They desire a man that takes not of small details and takes action to do things that will make her smile. She is not interested in grand gestures – she is not looking for that big diamond or designer clothes.

A Filipina girl loves little gestures that are sweet and thoughtful. These are the things that show her most that you care and love her. In return she will do the same for you.


In the Philippines, the family unit is extremely important, and she will want to know that her man is a family man. It is of great importance to most Filipina women that you show an interest and love for her family. This is extremely important for her if she is going to have a life with you.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time with her family, it is more that you should be kind towards them and speak of them in good terms. She will want to have many conversations about her family’s news, and she will hope that her partner will be interested and supportive.

If you want to have a family of her own, your Filipina Mail Order Bride will also want this love and tenderness for your own family too.


If there is one way to win the heart of a Filipina woman, it’s by making her laugh. Filipina girls simply love to laugh and giggle and they love to tell jokes and laugh about everyday things. So if you have a good sense of humour, let her see that on your first date and she will be very charmed!


While Filipina girls do like a man that is physically attractive, the thing that really counts for her is a man’s intelligence. Filipina girls find an intelligent man incredibly attractive and they love to have conversations on all sorts of topics, whether serious or light-hearted.

Being very intelligent and street smart themselves, with great knowledge of the world, they hope to have a man that they can talk to into the night and someone that can teach them about the world and keep them inspired. 

Final Word

Filipina girls are the perfect package for a mail order bride for many Western men. Besides being incredibly beautiful in a natural way, they are absolute dynamite when it comes to having fun. Their positive outlook and bubbly personalities are quite unique in the world