Finding the Perfect Colombian Wife

sexy Colombian girls in white 2 piece swimsuit

simple, beautiful Colombian girlsThere are beautiful women all over the world, Colombia just happens to have a huge proportion of them. Their unique Caucasian-Lebanese-Mesoamerican look is guaranteed to turn heads and make guys drool.

If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship however, then you should learn to look past the physical aspect of a woman and focus on her other traits and characteristics. This may be difficult since the average Colombian female is gorgeous.

Colombian women from ages 20 to 30 are usually slim, tanned and possess a striking figure. They are proud of their bodies, especially their shapely buttocks.

Perhaps their most attractive physical feature is their smile. Colombian women can make you feel like you are the only man in their life once they light up their face with a dazzling smile.

People looking for Colombian Wives do so because of their innate personality. Colombians are warm and easy going people. They are comfortable to be around with and are always up for fun. They are mellow and fussy when it comes to their man. They always strive to take care of their husband’s needs.

Most Colombian wives need no occasion to whip up a tasty meal for their husbands. They are especially caring, always asking their husbands how their day was and looking after their every need.

Colombian women are old-fashioned at home but carefree outside. Like most latinas, when it comes to the kitchen and the home, they like to be in charge. They like to be pampered and treated well.

The secret to winning a Colombian lady’s heart is knowing how to show them a good time. They like going out and dancing, but also appreciate the occasional romantic dinner to talk about the things that matter.

beautiful blond Colombian girlsColombian Wives are known to be passionate about their husbands. Once you find the perfect Colombian wife, you better be prepared to live a life of romantic bliss.

Finding a Colombian woman to marry isn’t a problem. The problem is choosing among the many gorgeous women that are looking for just the right man to sweep them off their feet.

Colombian women are typically attracted to mature men. Men who are caring, stable and mature would find it easy to get to know young, intelligent and beautiful Colombian ladies.

And of course, you’re not looking for just a quick weekend getaway with gorgeous woman. You’re looking for a woman that you can be with for the rest of you life. In that case, communication and conversation is vitally important.

The Best Places to Find a Colombian Wife

From their Latina flair and their unique beauty to their incredible rhythm, Colombian women are one of a kind. It is impossible not to fall in love with their rich Colombian style, as well as Colombia itself.

A Colombian wife will make your home and your life. They are beautiful, full of character and are ambitious. Colombian women are loyal to their family and the Colombian heritage.

You may be considering marrying a Colombian woman. Getting a Colombian wife will probably be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. But you may not know too many Colombian women. Where are the best places to find a Colombian wife?

This list offers a number of ideal places for you.


the Gaira Cafe in Bogota, Colombia

Colombia’s capital, Bogota, offers an insightful experience. It represents a merger of the modern and traditional aspects of Colombia. High rise buildings and historical sites share a home in this lively city.

With a population of over 8 Million people, Bogota is easily the most likely place to find a Colombian wife. Bogota also offers a variety of entertainment venues in which you might increase your chances of meeting the Colombian woman of your dreams.

Colombian women love to dance. If you can keep up with the fast-paced rhythm, you could consider visiting Quiebra Canto, a club that offers you an endless attraction of salsa-loving Colombian women.  You may also visit Club de Tejo La 76 for a friendly and explosive game of Tejo. Here, you can impress your Colombian lover by blowing away the competition.

If a woman that loves live music is more of your type, Bogota still has you covered. The Gaira Cafe and Latino Power offer live music arena that will thrill you and your Colombian date.

Colombian women can be just as passionate about soccer as Colombian male. Your Colombian wife may be cheering her local team at the Estadio El Campin.

Bogota also offers cinema and theatre at Cinemania, Teatro la Candelaria and Centro Colombo Americano which can be an ideal place to bump into you cinema-going Colombian girl.


The city of eternal spring offers beautiful weather and a rich insight into Colombia. Medellin combines modern skyscrapers with a range of natural geographical sites that include the Medellin River.

Medellin is also culturally rich, and offers an enticing entertainment scene.

You could find your ideal Colombian woman at the Palacio de Bellas Artes or the Teatro de la Universadad de Medellin enjoying various live renditions of music and recitals.

You may visit Teatro Lido, Vizcaya, Teatro Metropolitano or the Parque de ls Desseos for a vast selection of films and Colombian women.

Perhaps your future Colombian wife is a lover of the arts. At Medellin, you may also visit Plaza de Toros for a concert or one of a series of well-attended shows where beautiful Colombian women flood.

If a long walk in the park is your pleasure, Medellin might be the place to find her. Medellin has parks everywhere you look. The Parque Lleras, Parque El Salado, Parque Avi, Parque Bolivar  and Parque De Los Pies Descalzos offer the right natural environment for you to bond with your Colombian woman.

Santiago De Cali

beautiful girls from Cali, Colombia

Popularly referred to by Cali, this city in the south-west part of Colombia offers an exciting mix of entertainment and appreciation for Colombia’s history. Cali, which has 2.4 million people, is full of museums and historic sites. Cali also offers a variety in terms of entertainment.

At the La Loma de la Cruz, Zoologico de Cali, Andoke, Museo del Oro Calima and Museo La Tertulia, you will experience the Colombian past that will help you understand your Colombian lover. These venues are regularly frequented by Colombian women who want to show an appreciation for Cali’s aesthetic culture.

You may meet your future Colombian wife at the Delirio, the Tienda Vienja or Teatro al Aire Libre Los Cristales enjoying a rich selection of cinema showings or live performances.

You could also visit the Palmaseca stadium for a football-loving Colombian wife, who will show you as much passion as she does for her favorite team.

The Lugar a Dudas is a cultural centre that offers free screening which attract a large number of attractive Colombian women.

Santa Marta

This coastal town offers sun, sand and sea. The warm and welcoming city has a population of 500,000 people. It is one of the oldest city in South America, and is easily one of the region’s premier beach destination.

Santa Marta offers a lively beach, where you could meet your Colombian lover dancing and enjoying the sun at El Rodadero beach. The Playa Blanca beach, which is accessible by ferry, also offers a remote beach and restaurant experience.

The city also has Tayrona National Park, which offers beautiful scenery that might just be an ideal aesthetic experience for you and your potential Colombian wife.

If you want to find an adventurous Colombian girl, you may meet her as you trek to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida and enjoy a beautiful night in the jungle. The trip takes up to five days, which will provide ample bonding time with her.

You could meet your adventurous Colombian woman squba diving at the small town in Taganga. You may share a beautiful underwater experience, as well as a drink beneath the palm-thatched roofs of its fine refreshment establishments.

You could visit the golden museum, Museo del Oro, to find a Colombian woman that likes the gold pottery and jewellery from Santa Marta’s rich history.


wonderful girls in Carnival of Barranquilla

Colombia’s fourth most populated city, at 1.3 million, offers a rich blend of the city and beach experience. It hosts the Carnival of Barranquilla, which is one of the biggest and liveliest cultural events in the world. You may find your Colombian wife in this festival, which is attended by up to 300,000 people.

You could find a Colombian girlfriend having a snack. Barranquilla has a number of fruterias, which offer healthy and fresh food choices. Remember to ask for the suero costeno, a delicious and creamy cheese dip that will help you break the ice. The fast food stands that are available at every corner also offer a unique way to meet Colombian women.

If you can dance, be ready to meet the Colombian woman of your dreams at La Troja for all the salsa you can handle.