Foreign Brides: How to Avoid Trouble

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The idea of finding and one day marrying a foreign woman is a dream for many men, all across the world. Many men have, understandably, grown tired of the same old routine, games, and personality of the women in their own native country, and given today’s technology are attracted to the idea of meeting a new woman – often some place new.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, and it’s completely understandable. In fact, in many countries women are encouraged to date and even marry a foreigner, for many reasons – not just money. Therefore, the opportunities for you are truly endless in finding your potential mate in another country. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you avoid trouble or the “fakes” that will perhaps only waste your money, time, and efforts.

First, it’s important you take your time, and this cannot be emphasized enough. So, whether you’re just meeting your foreign girlfriend for the first time over the internet, on Skype, or in person it’s important you take things slow. After all, just like you don’t want to date and attempt to marry a woman that’s already (secretly) involved in a relationship, the same thing could be said for you.

So, taking it one step at a time can protect both you, and her. Get to know the woman you’re interested in, do your research on the country she comes from, and if possible research other expats experiences with dating and marrying women from that country. Don’t rush into anything, and if she starts asking unusual questions about your money, run the other direction.

While it’s understandably normal for a woman, especially a prospective girlfriend or wife to be curious about your career or academic endeavors and possible stability as a husband, this shouldn’t be something that’s overemphasized, or worse, make you feel uncomfortable. Far too many men have been used over the internet (and in person) for their money, only to be left crawling away with a broken heart.

Second, always make sure you meet your girlfriend or future foreign bride in person before making any big decisions. Also, make it a point to get to know her friends if possible, and don’t skip out on getting to know her family as well.

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Doing so can maximize your efforts in getting to know the type of person she is, and often, who she associates with will tell you a lot about the person she is. Best of all, meeting her family – especially mother or grandmother – will likely give you a better idea of the kind of person she was raised by, raised to be, and perhaps likely to be as she herself grows older.

Next up, is language, and this is a big one. While it’s true some of the most beautiful, sophisticated women in the world may not speak your native language, unless you speak hers going through a translator beyond a certain point can be both risky, and insincere.

By this, we mean for you to consider how it could be possible to truly “bond” with such a woman if you cannot communicate properly? Culture, of course, is a big part of the language. So, it is your responsibility to research this in advance before deciding on a place to go looking for your prospective future lover or wife.

The next point might be fairly obvious to some people, but it’s always nice to have a reminder. Do NOT, rush into a marriage at all costs. Doing so can really set you up for failure, and bring you unwanted problems down the line.

In fact, this is how a lot of guys get caught up with a foreigner woman who, once moves to his native country, only winds up running off or divorcing him – because she only wanted him for citizenship or a visa.

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By no means is this true for all cases, if even most, but it’s your job to be a good judge of character, and prevent this type of situation at all costs, which leads us to our next point.

As great as the idea of marrying a foreigner woman might be for you, it’s important you also understand and discover why your future lover or wife also has an interest in a foreigner man. It’s typically pretty obvious, but it’s always good to double-check, feel free to check out her Facebook, and do a little bit of your own investigating to see the types of men she’s dated (or married) in the past – and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.

After all, you better believe may it be online, in person, or through writing letters that she won’t hesitate to ask questions – if she’s intuitive and responsible that is.

Another big one is sending money, and why not to do it. First, if you haven’t even met the woman yet – do you really think it’s a good, or reasonable idea to be sending her money? Sure, we’ve all heard the sob stories, but most, professional, working men or students have responsibilities or financial obligations of their own.

And besides, any “extra” money that you might have would be better served going into your savings account for your next big trip – as flight tickets can be quite costly, especially if it’s to the other side of the world. While it is of course at your discretion to send your penpal or online girlfriend money here and there, just try to be mindful of why you’re doing it, if she asked you, or you offered – and why.

Overall, it’s typically not really a good sign, and definitely something you should be carefully considering and taking seriously. There’s a reason that so many men have had a negative experience with situations like this, and yes, it’s absolutely true that there are “gold digging” women out there that collect and communicate with multiple men at a time via the internet – or even in person – to receive money from. So please, don’t set yourself up for failure or disappointment, and do what’s best for you, your future, and your future other half.