Read This Before You Marry A Russian Women

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Pros and Cons of Marrying a Russian Woman

Russian bride in a denim shirtAre you single, lonely and looking for love?  Have you tried everything, gone to every club and dated every type of woman only to continue to be luckless in love?  If so, you have probably at least considered dating internationally to meet someone special and unique from the “same old women” you keep meeting at your local bars.

There is nothing wrong with branching out and using whatever resources are available to you to find someone you can really love.  As a matter of fact, you are fool not to do so.

With that said, you may have heard of “Russian mail order brides” in the past and thought that the idea of marrying a Russian woman was pathetic, sleazy or only for sexist, misogynistic pigs.  Though, of course, there are certainly cons to marrying a Russian woman there are also many pros and in this article we will take an honest and open look at both sides.


Russian women are very conscious of physical appearances.  They dress nicely, wear make-up and keep their hair done.  They are not vain, necessarily, but women in Russia are taught from an early age to maintain an attractive and well-kept appearance as much as they possibly can.  They enjoy looking nice and love getting attention for their beauty and sexiness. This is a plus for any man, of course!  Who doesn’t want a beautiful, feminine wife?

Russian women are typically tough, hard-working and accustomed to adversity.  The lifestyle in their home country is not decadent and they are not the type of women with unreasonable expectations financially or otherwise.  They will stick by you through thick and thin.

Russian women center their life around the family and the home.  They are trained from an early age to be caring, nurturing and loving mothers and wives.  They cook, they clean and they look after their children and husbands with great care.  It is not sexist to have a desire for this kind of woman.  Nor is it wrong for her to enjoy this lifestyle.  If this is what you are looking for, then a Russian woman may be a great match.


There will more than likely be a language barrier to overcome.  Though she may speak some English and you may know a few words of Russian, you two may not be able to communicate with ease at first.  This can, obviously, be worked on and you two can learn to share great conversations in no time.  Just be prepared for a period of time where this will be difficult.

You will be expected to spend a substantial amount of money on travel in order to get to know one another.  Though she may offer to pay for some of the travel, it should not be expected.  She will more than likely expect that you will handle that.   The financial burdens are well worth it as long as you know that this is something you truly want and that she seems serious about her intentions as well.  Just be sure to be ready to spend some money.  There will be no getting around it.  Do not, however, put yourself into debt or spend all of your savings.  Be reasonable and spend only what you can afford.

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You will need to get Visas, passports and any other important documentation in order to first travel to meet one another and learn about each other and then to eventually marry.  This will be tedious and a bit costly.  Once again, this is worth it as long as you two are confident in your relationship.  Don’t jump into anything and get to know her and then, when the time is right, you can arrange the paperwork to bring her to live with you.

Some businesses or websites who claim to arrange matches between eligible men and Russian women are scams and you should be careful who you give your money or personal information to.  There also individual women whose intentions are not pure.  Don’t get sucked into a scam or give a woman a lot of money or your information without researching and being very careful.

NEVER send money to anyone who you have not met in person.  You could be sending money to an old man or a teenage boy for all that you know.  The internet can be a great place for predators to lurk and attack unwitting men looking for love and companionship.  Don’t let them victimize you.

blonde Russian babe looking sexySome people will not like your marrying a Russian bride.  They will judge you.  They may think she is a golddigger or that you are a creepy predator.   All that matters is how the two of you feel.  If you are happy and in love, then ignore other peoples’ opinions.

Now that you have considered the pros and the cons you are equipped to make a decision about what you want and who you would like to marry.  Marrying an Eastern European woman is a personal decision and you shouldn’t let anyone else’s opinions, judgments or feelings sway you.  If you know what you want then you have a right to get it and be happy.

Though some people may dislike your marrying a woman from Russia, you are capable of making your own choices.  Just be careful, don’t allow yourself to spend more money than you have and be prepared for a language barrier that may be difficult at first.  What you will get in exchange for your efforts is a beautiful and loving woman who will stand by you through thick and thin and love you no matter what.  Loyalty like that is worth your trouble.