Dazzling Russian Mail Order Brides

gorgeous Russian brides

When it comes to mail order brides and international dating, Russian Mail Order brides are usually the very first thing that comes to mind for a Western Man. Beautiful Russian women are often the first choice for Western Men seeking a foreign romance and bride. And there is a good reason why. In fact there are many good reasons!

From Russia With Love

Russia is renowned for having perhaps the most gorgeous women on the planet. Go to the streets of Russia or simply search for a single Russian lady online and you’ll be shocked at the sheer quantity of gorgeous sexy single women. Or possibly you won’t be shocked because it is so famous that you’re probably well aware that Russia is absolutely full of an endless amount of impossibly beautiful women.

In Russia, the beauty of its women is legendary and is a common point of subject that Russians talk about. Russians know the value of their women’s beauty and see it as a subject of national pride.

Besides being physically beautiful, Russian mail order brides have many other incredible attributes that make them ideal wives. They are intelligent, they are doting partners, they love their family and make great mothers.

They are also always transparent about their feelings so you will always know what they are thinking and how they feel. This can be a great relief compared to many Western girls who hide their true feelings until things end up in a heated fight.

Russia’s population is made up of 54% women and 46% men. This is a more significant imbalance than it may sound and is hugely different to Western societies where the population mix is close to equal.

This means that there are a large percentage of Russian women that will not be able to marry a local man, which means that international dating is really their only option. However, it is not just out of need. Many single Russian girls find foreign men very attractive compared to local Russian men.

They find Western Men good looking, more romantic, more caring and attentive as partners and more willing to help with day-to-day chores and activities. So, there are many reasons that Russian Mail Order brides seek foreign men.

Another reason is that Russian women are often very happy to have the opportunity to move to a Western country. In many respects, Western countries offer more opportunity and a better standard of living.

Dressed to the Nines

Russian girls always have an air of sophistication. They make great partners that will be the envy of your friends and can help you impress in business as they have excellent social skills in any situation and are charming hosts.

Although single Russian girls are impossibly beautiful naturally – without the need of additional help to amplify their beauty, Russian women will always be perfectly presented at any time of the day or night. Russian women are experts at make-up, their hair is always done up perfectly and they have amazing dress-sense.

For a Russian woman, every occasion is a reason to get dressed up and look their very best. Even a quick trip to the supermarket requires their most stylish outfit, figure-hugging clothes and sexy high heels. Russian girls take great pride in their appearance at all times, and this remains the case even once married.

This can be a great advantage over many Western girls that “let themselves go” after getting married. You can always be assured that you Russian Mail Order Bride will take great care of herself and always look her very best throughout your lives. She wants nothing more than to make you proud of her and proud to be her man.

Aiming High

It’s common to see Western Men dating or marrying Russian mail order brides that are perhaps “out of their league”. It is every man’s dream to date and marry someone out-of-their-league – to have an impossibly beautiful woman by their side forever, that loves and dotes on their every desire. There are a few reasons for this.

One is that Russian women have a different eye for handsomeness. Some Western Men that are considered “average” looking back at home, may be very sexy and desirable to a Russian girl.

Another reason is that, while you will find your Russian Mail Order bride absolutely gorgeous in every way, being gorgeous in Russia is not as rare a quality as it is in the West. So Russian girls are not as snobbish about their good looks. They know that just behind them are thousands of equally sexy and attractive women.

young Russian girl

Tips on Dating a Sexy Russian Girl

Just as is the case with all international dating, the women of each country has their own cultural norms and expectations in the world of romance and dating. Russia is no different and here are some of our tips for successfully dating Russian girls:

She’s Always Young!

Russian women love to be referred to as young In their culture it is a great compliment that they adore. When you first meet a Russian girl, call her “devushka” and it will go down a treat! “Devushka” means “young woman”. Even if a woman is in her 50s, she will still love to be called “Devushka”. Memorise the word and get a guaranteed gorgeous Russian smile!

Pay for Dinner

In Russian culture it is extremely important for the man to pay for the bill. There are no exceptions here are it is totally expected that this is a man’s duty. A Russian woman will run a mile if she is asked to split the bill – because of how she has been brought up, this would seem like very strange behaviour.

Do not see this as her taking advantage or being a “gold-digger”, it is simply the way that she has been brought up and every Russian girl will think the same. This is because gender roles are very clearly defined in Russia – much more than in the West. Some may see this as old-fashioned while others might appreciate the clear roles of man and woman.

Be Generous With Attention

Beautiful Russian Mail Order Brides absolutely love to be showered with attention. They love to be treated like a lady by a well-mannered and thoughtful gentleman. In Western culture, the rise of feminism has led many girls to feel insulted by old-fashioned chivalry, but this isn’t the case with Russian girls!

Every polite gesture will be appreciated – open the car door, let her enter a room first, pull out her chair, help her with putting on and taking off her coat. If you’re at the grocery store, insist on carrying all of the shopping bags – all of these things will give her stars in her eyes and make her feel proud to be in the presence of a cultured gentleman.

Buy Flowers

Russian women absolutely love receiving flowers. Buy her a bunch of beautiful roses and she will be beaming with joy all evening. A word of caution though – Russia is a very superstitious country, and one should always buy an odd number of flowers. An even number of flowers is only for funerals. So, make sure the flowers are beautiful and make sure to count them before giving them to her!

Dress to Impress

Russian women always make a huge effort to look their best for any occasion. Even the smallest occasion or activity is an opportunity for them to wear their best clothes and perfect their hair and nails. Because Russian women take such pride in their appearance, they will be grateful for their man to also take pride in his appearance.

So, especially for your first date, make sure to wear your best clothes, shave or neaten up your beard, brush your hair perfectly and wear your best aftershave. Looking good will be greatly in your favour to win her hand.

Be Patient

It’s a well-known thing in Russia – Russian girls are often late for a date; in fact they almost always are. But you should always be on time in case there is the outside chance that she is early. So, expect to wait for 10-15 minutes for your date.

Don’t be anxious that she has cancelled on you, Russian girls stick to their word with pride so if she says she will meet you then she always will. But just a little late! When she does arrive, don’t mention or complain about her being late.

She will be confused because in her culture, there is nothing wrong with the lady arriving late – it’s expected and is part of the dating ritual.

Learn a Little Russian

It’s a great idea with international dating in any country, to learn a few phrases in the local language. This always impresses a girl, and it shows that you have taken the time to understand her culture and show her respect.

The Russian language is indeed very complex and is one of the most difficult languages to learn, as its roots are not found in any of the Western languages. The pronunciation is difficult and writing in Russian can be a serious challenge. However, don’t be anxious about this.

The truth is that if you can say a few words or phrases really badly, with the completely wrong pronunciation, your date will no doubt find this very cute and endearing. It will make her giggle and blush and by showing your willingness to be vulnerable, she will see this as a good character trait and feel more comfortable around you. So, our advice? Learn Russian badly!

Of course, if you can actually manage to learn perfect pronunciation that will go down a treat too and show your worldly intelligence. So, either way, you can’t lose. There are many great apps on the market for learning foreign languages. We can recommend Duolingo which makes learning Russian quite easy and fun, without having to put in too much effort.

Show Interest in Her Family

All Russian women see their family as extremely important. Russian girls adore the parents and seek their advice and approval, especially when it comes to their partner. In Western society, “meeting the parents” is seen as a serious step forward in dating.

It usually means that marriage is on the cards and that your girlfriend is taking things to the next, more serious, level. However, this is not the case in Russia at all. A Russian girl will want you to meet her parents and her family quite early on in the relationship.

Do not see this as her being “pushy” and wanting to force you into taking the next step. It is her way of saying that she likes you and that she likes you enough to be proud to introduce you to her parents.

Meeting her parents will be a great experience – Russian households are warm and friendly, and they will be kind to you and interested about who you are and the life you live back home. If you want bonus points, don’t wait for your lady to suggest meeting her family.

As she is going to bring it up soon anyway, you can be proactive and tell her that you would love to meet her family one day. This will show her that you care about her and respect the things that are important to her.

If you do visit her family, it is a great idea to bring with a small gift. Not something expensive or ostentatious. Just something small that is a sign of respect and goodwill. The best gifts are something that is from your hometown.

So, before you leave to fly to Russia to seek a Russian Mail Order Bride, buy a few trinkets to take with you. Every place has its own unique thing it’s known for. So, giving them these little presents will make them happy and interested to learn about your foreign culture. It’s a great way to get a conversation started.

And…don’t forget the magical trick of calling her mother “Devushka”!!! You’ll gain at least 100 Russian points. And nothing is as powerful as making your partner’s mother happy and charmed, right?

the beauty of Russian girls

Final Word

As a final word, Russian Mail Order Brides are by far the most popular of all Mail Order Brides and there are many great reasons for it. There are many online dating apps to meet single Russian brides, although nothing is better than actually flying to Russia for a romantic adventure.

There is a culture difference between Russia and the West so it’s best to take heed of our tips and also to do some of your own research. The more you understand the culture, the better time you will have. So, if you’re looking for a mail order bride that is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, intelligent and sophisticated – Russia is your place!