Exotic and Sexy Thai Mail Order Brides

Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles”. The first reason is that Thai girls are super friendly and always smiling and warmly hospitable. The second reason is that it will be you that’s smiling when you are in Thailand. It’s a country that kind of a Disney Land for adults. The sun is always out, the white-sand beaches are beautiful and pristine, the food is legendary and the nightlife…well that is legendary too!

Of the many wonderful things that attract men to Thailand is its women. Thai girls are famous for their incredible exotic beauty and petite figures. Men visiting Thailand can be quite overwhelmed by just how many gorgeous local women there are. And that, together with the sun and sand and party atmosphere, it’s hard for a man to not have romance on his mind.

Thai girls make very popular Mail Order Brides. They possess many unique qualities that make them dream romantic partners and ideal life partners are wives. Here are some of the notable qualities about gorgeous Thai women.

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The Characteristics of Sexy Thai Girls

They Love Sex

With so many special characteristics that Thai girls have, it’s hard to know where to start with this list. So, let’s start with sex. Truth is, that in this romantic and fun-filled environment, it will be sure to be on your mind!

Thai girls love sex, they are very physical, and they adore intimacy. After all, they have grown up in a country where sex is on the mind of everyone. The most common lament of the married Western Man is that once married, Western girls all too often lose interest in sex.

Sex life within a marriage to a Western girl can be frustrating and sometimes there is no hope for things getting better. This will never happen with a Thai Mail Order bride. Besides enjoying sex very much, Thai girls have grown up in a country where there is an endless supply of gorgeous and attractive girls. So, they know instinctively that they need to keep their man happy and content in all areas of his life so that he doesn’t stray.

They Are Approachable

Flirting with Western woman can often be a tricky exercise. As much as a gentleman as you may be about your advances, one never knows how a woman might react. This is sad and makes men anxious to approach women, which is a pity because things could lead to a wonderful relationship or a steamy romance. But in Thailand things are altogether different in this area.

Single Thai girls are always very friendly. If you see a girl that you fancy, give her a smile and she will always smile back. Starting a conversation is a walk in the park as Thai girls are very approachable. Their body language is open, and their smiles are always wide and inviting. Plus, they are famous for having that unique Thai sparkle in their eyes.

If a Thai lady is not interested in your advances, that is OK too. They will never be rude, ignore you or give you the cold shoulder. A Thai girl never wants to make a man feel bad. After all, the fact that you approached them is seen as the biggest compliment!

They Are Available

There really is an endless choice of utterly gorgeous and stunning single Thai beauties to choose from. You’ll never be left standing with your drink, feeling uninspired. Whether you’re walking the streets, visiting a bar or hanging out on the beach – just turn your head and you’ll see a beauty that’s worthy of your attention.

Thai girls love foreign Western men. They find them physically attractive and also find Western culture attractive. They know that a Western man knows how to treat a woman well and knows the ins and outs of a great romance.

A large percentage of Thailand’s male population are gay, and you’ve no-doubt heard about the many “Lady Boys” of Thailand. So, this means that single Thai women have less opportunities to meet local Thai men. So, in many cases, their best bet is to seek a foreign man.

They Take Good Care of Themselves

Although they possess a natural kind of beauty, Thai Mail Order Brides always put in great effort to look as stunning as can possibly be. They make sure to always wear sexy clothes, put on make-up and have their hair styled. Thai girls have particularly good hygiene.

A Thai Mail Order Bride will never let herself go after getting married. She will always take great care about her appearance. A Thai woman values her beauty very much and she never takes her man’s desires for granted. She wants her man to always have a glow about him when he looks at her.

They Are Feminine

Physically, Thai women are very feminine, with their petite bodies and fine features. But they are also very feminine in the way that they conduct themselves. There is a myth that all Thai women are completely subservient to their man. This is sometimes the case but not always.

However, they do take great pride in being a woman and taking care of womanly responsibilities. With grace and no complaints, they are more than happy to take care of all the household duties, from cooking to cleaning to doing the laundry.

They Give You Freedom

Thai Mail Order Brides will always give their man the freedom to live his life and do the things that they enjoy. She wants her man to be happy and she has no desire to control his every move.

Most Western Men who have been in a relationship with a Western girl, know the scene to well: it’s the weekend and all you want to do is a catch a game with your friends. John’s got a big screen TV, a case of cold beers and a family-sized bucket of buffalo wings. But you know that you are going to have to try convincing your girlfriend to let you go.

She’ll roll her eyes and might say OK, but often it will come with an ultimatum. “You can go, but you must be home by 10!”. No man really wants a life like this but it’s the reality that many of us find ourselves in. This is one of the wonderful things about a Thai Mail Order Bride.

Want to watch the game and drink some cold beers? Just tell her you’re going over to John’s place and she’ll smile and give you a kiss, happy to know that her man is having fun and spending time doing something that makes him happy.

They Don’t Stay Mad

It’s inevitable that within a relationship there will be moments when you fight. Thai girls can be feisty and hot-blooded, but they don’t stay angry for long. Whatever your fight is about, you’ll find that within an hour she has forgotten and has forgiven. Thai girls do not stew on a point for days. They are averse to sitting with negative feelings. A Thai woman values peace of mind and positive vibes.

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Tips for Dating Sexy Thai Women

As with all foreign cultures, there are tips and tricks that you should know when it comes to the world of dating. Here are some points of advice.

She May Appear Shy

Single Thai girls are always friendly, and as we mentioned before, they are very approachable and make a point of being warm and sweet and making you feel good about yourself. But things may change on a first date.

On your first official encounter as an actual date, you might find that the friendly bubbly and confident girl that you were animatedly chatting to, is suddenly quite shy and reserved. This is completely normal so don’t be alarmed and don’t think that you have done something wrong or that she is no longer interested in you.

In the Thai culture, a girl being seen as being too forward is frowned upon. So, while she may want to jump on top of you and make out, she has been conditioned to be reserved at first. She wants you to see her as a lady. She doesn’t want you to think that she is too easy. Don’t worry, her fun bubbly personality will appear soon enough, but for a first encounter play it slow and accept that she will show some shyness.

Expect a Chaperone

This is an important point to understand! If you don’t expect it, you may get a shock. It is very common on a first date for a Thai girl to bring with a chaperone. She’ll likely bring with a close girlfriend when she first meets with you. There are several reasons for this.

In Thai culture, single girls are constantly being watched within the community and people are likely to gossip if she is seen out with a stranger. They could spread all kinds of stories about her and that would be unpleasant for her. Especially if it reaches her family. So, bringing with a friend will make the meeting look to outsiders that she is simply meeting a friend for a drink, nothing more.

The second reason is that, as we mentioned earlier, Thai girls can be quite shy and reserved on a first date, so bringing with a friend can help her feel more confident and safer. The fact that she is introducing you to her friend is actually a great opportunity for you to charm her friend too. Thai girls always take the advice that close friends give, so if you work to make her friend like you, then you’ll get extra bonus points!

Talk About Her Family

Thai girls absolutely adore their families. They will likely be very close to their parents and their siblings. Family unity is very important to them and often all their family members will be very influential in her life and the decisions she makes.

So, it is a good idea to show her that you are interested in her family. Ask questions about them, it’s a topic she will enjoy discussing and she will appreciate that you have made the effort to have a conversation about what is important to her.

Give Her Attention

Thai woman absolutely love to get attention from their man. On a date they can often feel insecure and they will look for every little detail to see if you are interested in them or not. So be generous with your compliments. Telling a Thai girl that you find her beautiful will make her happy for days.

You’ll get extra points for noticing and commenting on small details – like what she has done with her hair, that you like the ring she is wearing, that you love when she crinkles her nose when she laughs. The more attention you give her the more she will fall for you.

Dress Well

As Thailand is a place of sun and surf and laid-back vibes, foreign visitors can quickly get lulled into dressing down. Most single men walking about will be wearing shorts, old sandals and mismatched colours. That’s perfectly normal – it goes with the territory. After all, you’re chilling on holiday in a heavenly summer spot.

But when you go on a date, put in effort to wear your best clothes. Thai woman put in great effort to look their best so they will therefore appreciate it when you show the same effort. Looking like you have dressed up with your best clothes shows her that you take the date seriously and care about what she thinks.

As all the men around, you will likely be messily dressed, your effort will really make you stand out as someone special -not just another tourist like everyone else. So when you are packing your bags to go on your vacation, be sure to also include a set of your best clothes.

Final Word

A Thai Mail Order Bride is the dream of many Western Men. It’s for many good reasons and that is why there are so many successful marriages between Western men and Thai girls. There are many options for meeting a Thai Mail Order Bride online through dating websites.

But nothing beats actually visiting the country. Besides giving you the best chance of spotting the girl of your fancy in a natural setting, Thailand itself makes for an absolutely amazing vacation. It’s arguably the best vacation spot on the planet!